Clearing the Way – Coaching

Working with me as a coach, you will have an experience of being seen and heard, deeply and authentically.  I will help you discover your strengths and capacities and affirm what is being revealed to you from your own wisdom within.  You will leave each session truly empowered, with tools you need to stay that way.

  • Life Purpose

  • Transition

  • Inner Strength

Why Work With A Coach:

You will gain clarity about that which is confusing or unknown in your life.

You will discover the resources you have within you that can provide support and love to you

You will be transformed by the renewing of your mind, your soul and your heart

You will see your own growth and realize more confidence about the future.

Working With A Coach Is For You If:

  • You are in transition in your life.
  • Your home is now empty and quiet because the kids are all out of the house.
  • You are questioning your life’s purpose…
  • You experience recurring problems in relationships and wonder “what is going on?”
  • You want to go deeper in your relationship to your spirituality.

What To Expect:

Our work together will be profound if you are ready to release what is not working and embrace what you want in your life.

I am your soul friend.  This means that I respect you and I believe you are here in this life to be exactly who you are.  I will teach you to celebrate yourself.

I will create a safe and loving space for you to be vulnerable and scared.  This is often, where the most potent growth and transformation takes place.

We cannot control all circumstances in our lives, but we are empowered by how we choose to respond.  I will coach you from the wisdom of this life principle.

How It Works:

Our sessions can be held via the telephone or Skype.  I am also available to meet in person.

We begin with a free, no obligation, consultation on the phone.  It is in this opening time together, we will get acquainted and you can ask me any question that you have regarding working with me.

Any and all conversations we have, on the phone or in session, is kept in utmost confidence.

The Details:

Each session lasts one hour.  If we are heading towards work that would take us past 1 hour, we will discuss and decide together to move forward.

My fee is $75 an hour and I am happy to take cash, check or credit card.

I will offer a discount for packages of 3, 6 or 9 sessions and would request full payment before sessions begin.

Email Mary Jo.